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Green Fig and Ginger Candle C.02


When we discovered how many harmful chemicals and toxins household candles contained, we spent time creating our signature candle scents. It is a gentle reminder to your wellness routine and our promise to our nontoxic mission. Plus it is sustainable, you don’t need to feel guilty about throwing away the container as it can be repurposed as planter or table decor. 

Green Fig & Ginger

Top note: Fresh Orange Peel, Leafy Green Floral

Middle note: Fruity Fig, Ginger, Dry Cedarwood

Base note: Smooth Sandalwood, Dark Patchouli

100% Soybean Wax

100% Cotton Wick



Sustainable: it can also be repurposed as planter and table décor 


Does not include: synthetics, petroleum (paraffin wax), parabens

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sundays is more than a nail studio, but a nail care brand that promotes a nontoxic lifestyle. When you walk into our studios in New York, you might notice the subtle soothing scents we have. Our space is designed to enhance your wellness experience in a mindful way, through the non toxic nail treatment you receive, soothing candle scents in the room, taste of the organic tea you drink and sound of the meditation you listen to. Our candle is an addition to this multi-sensory experience. 

a little note about the scent:

Our candles are one of the first nontoxic candles on the market mindfully created from natural oil & more complex notes!

Each of our candles are made with the perfect combination of 3 notes to create a soothing and long-lasting scent.

The Top note is the initial impression the candle makes when you first unbox it. 

The Middle note, known as the “heart” of the scent, is the most prominent and reveals itself once the top note fades away.

The Base note, commonly known as the “Dry Down”, leaves a lingering impression even after the candle has been blown out.


Estimated Burning Time: 50 hours

Maintain wick around ¼ inch.

Do not allow candle to burn for more than 3 hours at a time.


“sundays’ non-toxic candle has been an instrumental part of my self-care routine lately. The sleek, sustainable design aligns so seamlessly with my conscious aesthetic and I feel whole-heartedly relaxed when I light it knowing that it’s an all-encompassing mindful ritual – clean composition and reusable. I plan to upcycle it as a makeup brush holder when I’m done!”

– Kara Ladd

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Dimensions4 × 3.5 × 4 in
Sundays Non Toxic Candle

Green Fig and Ginger, Smoked Hemp Flowers

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